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Hermitage Museum

A World with Full of Art: The Hermitage Museum

Hermitage Museum one of the world's biggest and oldest museum. It is founded in 18th century. It is in Saint Petesburg, Russia, near by Neva River. It's biggest art and culture museum in Russia. It includes over three million items from the four corners of the world. The visitors have chance to see Italian Renaissance and French Impressionist paintings. It includes really important collections like Rembrandt's, Picasso's collection. Also they can see Greek and Roman antiquities collection, Siberian and Central Asian exhibits.

These collections are ermous and diverse for all people who interested history and art. The museum's itself also have nice inferior design and architecture. It is a museum complex, so try to discover all of the museum one time can be tiring. Brief tours can be more favorable. Also, visitors will probably need a guidebook or a guide. The Hermitage Museum became an phenomenon, lots of films, books refer it.


The Outstanding feature of Suzdal, Russia - Fabulous hotelier services!

Suzdal is a town situated in Vladimir Oblast, Russia with an area of 15 Kilometers square and a staggering population of virtually 12,000 people. Additionally, It is endowed with ambient teperature conditions . Above all the other amazing historic features, a closer look at the town depicts a towering feature; hotels. It boasts of approximately 18 star rated and 84 unrated hotels; an enormous number of upto-standard hotels compared to its handful population! Well, this statistic should give reason for thought.

Some exceptionally rated hotels include :

1. Domie with Sauna

2. Apartamently Lenina 5

3. Guest House Vitalnica

4. Guest House Usadba Surikova

5. U Bashni Guest House

7 reasons to visit the Suzdal hotels

  • An offer of 24/7 online customer services and bookings.
  • Perfect, big rooms that favorably accommodates families.
  • Nice, cozy and sparkling clean rooms.
  • Excellent host staff with helpful and friendly attitudes.
  • Self catering accommodations.
  • Free WiFi services.
  • Free private packing lots.
  • Smart Phone

    Lake Baikal

    Lake Baikal is the Crown Jewel of Natural Inheritance

    Lake Baikal is well known as the planet's deepest (1,637 m), oldest (more than 25 million years old), and most voluminous freshwater lake (23,600 km3). Its water volume represents 20% of all unfrozen freshwater on Earth. Lake Baikal gets its water from a catchment area of 571,000 km2, an area slightly smaller than the size of France. The length of the Baikal is 636 km and width ranges from 80 to 27 kilometers. Lake Baikal is home to over 1,500 endemic animal and plant species, a characteristic that is closely connected with its age and unique natural development.

    Lake Baikal is much visited by local, national and international tourists. There are several camping and tourist bases on the lake shore. Scientifically, Lake Baikal is the crown jewel of Russia's natural inheritance. It is home to more than 1,700 animal and plant species. Over four hundred and twenty rivers and streams flow into Lake Baikal with only one river flowing out, the Angara River, located on Baikal's northwest coast. Clarity within the lake reaches 40-50 m in some areas. The residence period of water stream down into Baikal is over 300 years. The main creek of the Lake Baikal is the Selenga, where it starts in Mongolia and brings 60% of waters annually.

    Lake Baikal is divided into the Southern, Central and Northern Basins that is important from a hydrological point of view. These three basins differ in their origin, morphology and structure; the deepest is the Central Basin. Selenga is the main lake’s river; where it forms a great delta between the South and the Centrak Basins and is a main source of organic material and bottom sediments. The vast Baikal region is also home to indigenous cultures. The local population is composed of unique ethnic group: Buryats, the largest indigenous race in Evenks, Siberia and Russians who first colonized the region in the mid 18th century.


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